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This article will go over the various features within Business Setting page. You can find Business Settings on our left side menu over here under the main "Settings" menu button. Most of the changes here affect your Public Profile page which is the page that will be ranked on the front page of Google and can act as a temporary website. Clients can see various business and service information and also book from this page.

Business Details

  • "Add your business logo" - upload an image file of your logo, must follow these requirements - 5 MB limited, PNG, JPG, or WEBP at least 300 pixels per side.

  • "Industry" - This was set during the account set up process. This will also affect the default services added on your profile but these can be changed anytime.

  • "Public Phone Number" - Not required but this is the phone number displayed to clients.

  • "About Business" - Important section used for SEO purposes. We highly suggest adding as much text and keywords related to your business, services and industry as possible. 4000 character limit.

Business Images

  • These images will get added to the Public Profile page. It can be used to showcase the business and any other related images. The images must be PNG, JPG, or WEBP at least 2400 pixels width and 600 height.

Business Hours

  • Business hours only lets your clients know when they can visit your physical business location. This is not your availability/schedule, please see this guide for more assistance in changing your schedule.

Default Settings

For the default settings tab, we will go over each setting individually. This page allows business users to control settings for all staff members. Please note that the "Staff with different setting" means that a staff member in your business currently has different settings that will override the default settings. Each staff member can customize their settings based on whatever kind of process they like. That being said if a staff member does not apply any of their own settings, the settings that the business owner sets will take effect.

  • This will set the time frame in which clients can cancel or reschedule appointments.

  • This cancellation policy will also be added to all client emails and the last page in the booking process letting them know the day/time they can cancel.

  • If you make any changes such as the time frame, and press the "save" button, the the message in the top image will show up. This feature let the business user, manage the settings for existing and future staff or only future staff. Please note that any new staff settings default value will be based on the business settings on this page.

  • This setting controls how much time you need until your first appointment. For example, 24 hours means no appointments can be booked from now until 24 hours.

  • Set the time Yocale will send the email reminder to the client.

  • Set the time Yocale will send the text reminder to the client.

  • If you select the "eye" icon, you can see the staff list with the different settings; and you can easily see if any of the staff settings have been changed.

  • "Send email from" dropdown menu - Here you can change how clients can reply to emails, and what label they receive the email from .

    - By selecting "Yocale", emails will be sent out with Yocale label and the business owner will get the replies.

    -By selecting "Business", emails will be send out with Business name label , and the business owner will get the replies.

    -By selecting "Staff", emails will be sent out with staff name label , and the staff member will receive the replies.

    - Lastly, by selecting "Custom", you can specifically the label and any valid email that you want.

  • "Add custom note to the confirmation email" - This is let clients know of any specific instructions or policies that would otherwise be left out on the booking process. For example, parking instructions or directions on how to reach a specific place.

Social Media

  • Add your website and social links to the Public Profile page. Keep in mind we already added the website URL and you just need to add the handle at the end. Example, if your entire URL is, then you would just enter "Yocale" inside the Social Media tab.

Public Page Link

  • "Public Page link" - Requires enabling the online listing first using the switch. By enabling your public profile, you will be listed in Google’s search results and visible to users who are searching for you. Your profile will appear in the search results when users search for relevant keywords. This feature allows you to create a public profile link that Google will crawl.

  • See our article to set your URL and improve the Google Listing.

View Public links

  • This button is located top right corner in the Business Settings page and will take you to the Booking Page.

  • This page contains all your booking links. Including the Online Booking Widget, the Public Profile page and individual staff booking pages.

  • You may also access your Widget Settings from here, this opens a new tab.

  • Use these links on your Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram and more to further receive SEO benefits and increase booking chances. See the example below. You can view this article for more details.

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