Calendar Availability

Yocale lets you book single or multiple overlapping appointments anywhere on the calendar you please. However, when you set your availability, this is shown publicly for clients to book you online. On the calendar, your available times are highlighted in Blue as shown below:

Creating an Appointment

  • Click anywhere on the calendar to being booking a new appointment
  • Wherever you select on the calendar, that date & time will be added on the appointment details. This can be easily changed if needed in the Date / Time area
  • Next select the service from your available services drop down menu
  • Select the client who this service booking is for. You can select from an existing client or quickly create a new client in the appointment window. If you don't need to know the client name or save the client, you can select the "walk-in" function
  • Lastly, if you want to add any tags to this appointment, they can be added at the bottom of the appointment window
  • When you're finished, select the Save button an you're all set!

After adding the appointment, it will show up on your calendar with all the added appointment details.

Editing an Appointment

There are 2 ways to edit an appointment:

1. Select the appointment you'd like to change > Edit > Change Date & Time > Save

  1. Change date
  2. Change time or duration
  3. OK > Save

2. Drag and drop the appointment

Cancelling an Appointment

Select the appointment > Select the trash can / cancel icon > Confirm the cancelling

Before confirming the appointment you can select if you want to notify the client of this cancellation or leave a cancellation message for the client.

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