Accessing Client Profile

There are 2 ways to access the client profile:

Option #1

  1. Select the Clients Tab at the top

2. Use the search bar to search your client list by their name, email, phone number or client ID.

Option #2

Alternatively, you can select the appointment of the client who's profile you want to access > select their name/image to jump into their profile directly

Client Profile Overview

Lets break down a high level look at the client profile

  1. Client Quick Details - a quick way to grab the clients email, phone, trust score, alerts or client ID.
  2. Booking Stats - A summary of the clients appointment history based on the number of bookings, completed bookings, canceled or no-showed appointments.
  3. Next & Last Appointments - View you clients most recent previous and upcoming appointments at a glance.
  4. Booking Revenue - Get a historical monthly revenue breakdown for the previous 6 months or 12 months.
  5. Client Details - View, add or edit more client details such as address, birthday, alerts, comments, tags, account dependents or any added custom fields
  6. Appointments - Get a detailed log of all the appointments the client has had or are upcoming. View notes or forms associated to the appointment and manage the appointment status as well.
  7. Forms & Documents - View all uploaded documents as well as all associated forms for the client as well as manage these forms. *A whole upcoming lesson will be dedicated to forms*
  8. Notes - View client added booking comments or provider added appointment notes in the Notes section.
  9. Invoices & Receipts - Store all your clients past invoices. filter based on date range, service type, product purchased, provider or status (paid, partially paid, outstanding). Process payments through our built in POS as well. * more on Yocale's POS in upcoming lessons *
  10. Reminders & Notifications - Log all your client's communication history including all email or SMS appointment reminders or booking notifications. View the exact communications sent or delete upcoming messages scheduled to be delivered.
  11. Merge Clients - If you have duplicate client records created, you can merge these profiles together into one.
  12. Add New Client - Easily create a new client by adding in some basic client information and saving.

* If you want to import your existing client list into Yocale, send it to us in a .csv format and we would be happy to import it into your account.

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