Before we dive into each of Yocale's core components, let us first take a quick high level overview of Yocale and how to navigate around the platform.

  1. Calendar - Get everything you need at a glance in our beautiful and clean calendar. Color coded with easy to understand icons and quick actions to manage and navigate to where you need to get to. Click anywhere on the calendar to Add+ a new appointment or time-off as well.
  2. Clients - Quick navigation to get to our business client profiles. We'll go into more depth in the coming lessons on the Clients section.
  3. Reports - Run Various reports to get a slice and diced look at your business, clients, services & revenue.
  4. Tools - Manage your booking widget settings, create new form templates, enable integrations and more in the Tools area.
  5. Booking Page - Quickly access or view your custom booking widget page or edit the settings of your booking page.
  6. Business Drop Down - Manage your business settings (business profile, services, staff, resources, locations & subscription), Manage your individual or business settings, manage your email or password, or log out.
  7. Filters / Options - Use the calendar filters to switch between business location calendar, or to filter out various appointment status types. Use the calendar options to adjust the look and feel of the calendar (length of the time intervals, # of days displayed on the calendar, Start day of the week, Calendar default time and displayed times, as well as enable bold colors on the calendar.
  8. Calendar View - Adjust the calendar view settings to either be an Individual week view, Individual day view, Team view, or Agenda view.
  9. Day selector - Use the month selector to quickly jump to a upcoming or previous date on the calendar. Use the < > buttons to toggle between days/weeks and the TODAY button to jump back to the present day.
  10. Widget / Notifications - Here you can either view your business activity feed notifications or use our widgets tools such as the availability finder.
  11. Notifications - Here you view your businesses acvitivy which includes new bookings, re-scheduled bookings, cancelled bookings, new reviews, inventory alerts etc.
  12. Widgets - Use the widgets such as availability finder to quickly search for availability for a particular service(s), on certain dates /times and with certain providers. (More on this in coming lessons)

Now that you've gotten the idea of the general layout of Yocale and how to navigate around, lets dive into specific areas.

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