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How To Get Customers To Book Online - Best Practices
How To Get Customers To Book Online - Best Practices

The most important part in having online booking is letting your clients know! Yocale offers a range of tips and tools for you to do so.

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So - your schedule is set, your services are added but your calendar isn't quite filling up like you hoped? The most important part in having online booking is letting your clients know!

Now that you have your new online booking profile set-up, it's time to take every opportunity to tell clients to book online! Without following these best practices, your clients may be left in the dark and unaware that they now have the option to conveniently book with you online, 24/7.

Here are the best ways to get the word out to your clients:

1. Voicemail Etiquette:

Start with recording a new voicemail message that directs clients to your online booking page and encourages them to book online.

A message might sound something like this: “Thank you for calling (your business). If you would like to make an appointment please call back or book us online by going to (say or spell out your URL) and simply select the``Book Now” button.

*Tip: Be sure to notify clients to book online when leaving voice messages as well!

2. Email & Advertising:

Add 'Book Us Online' information in your advertising and email signature.

If you send direct mail or advertise in local newspapers, let your current and future clients know they can make appointments with you online by including a message and link to your Business Profile.

3. Social Media:

Promote yourself and online bookings in social media for a real boost!

If you have a Facebook Page, Twitter account, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media account, include a message and link to your Yocale profile page in the account profile.

4. Book Now Button and Google My Business Listing:

Adding a Book Now button on your Website will encourage clients to book you directly!

Want more (or) possibly don’t have a business website? Yocale is an official Google Reserve partner which means we can request a “Book Now” button directly on your Google business listing.

5. Client Notifications and Reminders

Emails and text reminders encourage clients to continue booking virtually (results in less tedious admin work for you) while these communication tools also reduce no-shows!

Rebooking Reminders - stop your clients from disappearing or seeing them less throughout the year by sending them a friendly reminder to book their next appointment. (This feature is only available with Pro & Ultimate packages) Getting clients to rebook their next appointment is not only the fastest way to more income but also the most effective way to develop deeper client relationships

6. Business Cards:

Encourage clients to book you online by adding a message and link on your business card. Next to it, place wording indicating that you take appointments online. Something simple like, “Book us online!” will do the trick.

7. Receipts:

Add a message to your receipts to remind customers to schedule appointments online!

8. Start them off on Yocale:

An easy way to kick this off is to add a client’s record to Yocale. When a client calls you to make a booking, go to your calendar, double click on the time slot and select Add Client from the client drop down. Then, ask them for their email address and enter it along with their name. This will automatically send a confirmation email for the appointment as well as invite them to register for Yocale.

9. QR Codes:

Allow tech savvy clients to scan and automatically be directed to your Business Profile page. When you print your QR code and affix it to your Yocale easel board or your window or in any advertisement, you make it even easier for clients to find your Business Profile.

10. Favorites:

When a client books with you using Yocale, you are added as a favorite on their list of providers. So next time, all they need to do is open the Yocale app on their phone or go to, go to their favorites, and they can book you again in just three easy steps.

11. Talk to them:

Tell your clients about online scheduling while they are in your waiting area. Place your Yocale sticker on the door and the Yocale easel board on the table – where they can’t miss it.

And whenever you get a chance, tell them verbally, too!



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