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What are client alerts, and how can I set it up?
What are client alerts, and how can I set it up?
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With the "Alert" option, get notified of every single detail of your clients including symptoms, special requests, or allergies. Client alerts help you enhance your customer experience and keep your front desk staff informed of special circumstances.

How to set up an Alert:

From the left sidebar menu, chose "Clients" and select the "client list". Once in their profile, select "Client Details".

Scroll down till you see "Alert" and enter the details you need to be notified about:

Once the customer books an appointment with you and it is reflected on your calendar, you will see a symbol "!". All you have to do now, is move your cursor to see the alerts:

Fun fact: Have a customer who is late or has a history of no-show's? Add a Booking Alert that reminds your reservationists to take a deposit.

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