Did you know that accepting online payments and pre-authorized deposits at the point of scheduling is a major factor in reducing the client no-show problem? An integrated payment system with the capability to take deposits provides a 70% decrease in cancellations and no-shows.

Great News! Yocale's point of sale system is now integrated with the Pre-Deposit feature! Secure future appointments and receive payments in advance towards a healthier cash flow. We are working hard behind the scenes to continuously roll out new features. Today we’re bringing you a new Online Payments feature!

Now you can choose the type of payment you receive prior to a client booking. Prefer to charge clients in full? No problem. Rather not charge at all? You can do that, too.

You can also apply these settings across all services or you can apply different payment settings to individual services.

How it Helps You

You’ll see different benefits depending upon the setting you select.

  • Say Goodbye to No-Show Revenue Loss Forever + Reduce Payment Processing Time with the “Full Payment Required” Setting. Tired of seeing revenue go down the drain because of no-shows? This option may be for you. Plus, get hours back on payment processing time.

  • Strike a Balance Between Requiring a Full Payment and No Payment At All with the “Deposit” Setting. This option helps you recoup potential no-show losses without having to require the full payment upfront.

  • Drive Client Commitment Without Having to Charge Up Front + Add Security with the “Save Card on File” Setting. Make it more likely that clients will show up to their appointment (while giving yourself peace of mind that you can charge a penalty if you need to).

You can select the payment option that is right for you. Enable the new payment feature from your Yocale Profile -> Tools -> Payments.

This video will direct you:

See it in Action!

Have any questions? Drop us a line at 1-778-986-2253 or email us at support@yocale.com.

Cheers to a Healthy Cash Flow!

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