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1 Booking Widget, Multiple Languages Supported
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Whether you are travelling overseas, in a corporate setting, or just interpreting for someone in need of translation, your bilingual capabilities are valuable. The same goes for a business that caters to a variety of languages without exclusions. Since Yocale prefers to include (versus exclude), we've engineered our booking Widget to be offered in various languages.

To convert your booking Widget to communicate in French, all you have to do is follow along.

Navigate to left side bar menu, and select "Settings":

Select "Widget Settings". Here, is where you can customize your Widget in a plethora of ways but let's focus on the Language customization. Once in the Widget setting page, select "General Customization", scroll down till you see "Localization" :

Here, you can chose the language you would like your widget to be displayed in. Tip: you can type your business description and staff profiles in french, too.

Let's visualize scenarios where utilizing the Widget in different languages is beneficial for your business.

Multi-Language Booking Tool

You manage a business with multi locations in Canada, one serving Montreal and one servicing Toronto. Since the majority of the population in Montreal speak French you can offer the widget in French and one in English for your Torontonians. Let's process that for a minute. Can you imagine the new range of clientele you'll be winning over?

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