The Widget is a savvy tool that provides a smooth booking process for your business, your consumers and your most important client, You.

Here, we have outlined all the features available to personalize your smart booking tool in a "one-click" kind of way. First, let's familiarize ourselves with the widget and its many abilities by following the Widget Feature Article. Did you know? You can upload the Widget in French for your non English speaking clients!

Now that we understand the Widget capabilities, we can focus on customizing it. To get to the Widget setting page, let's log into your Yocale account and maneuver to Tools-> Business Tools -> Widget Settings. Here you can Customize the following:

Widget URL and Business Logo
Alter your widget link to any URL you wish. The is fixed but your destination URL can be changed in seconds to anything you prefer.

You can also add your business logo to your widget by uploading a photo of your logo!

Widget Appearance
You can simply alter the aesthetics to match your mood or reconcile with your website by changing widget colors (front and backdrop color), shape, and wording of the Book Button. In the following scenario, we used Purple as the Book Appointment color but plethora of colors are available as captured below: 

How do you envision the Widget on your website? Choose from a floating button, inline button or an inline widget format and preview to test them out:

In the following capture we used the "Floating" Widget. Once your website loads and the client clicks on the Book Now button (Refer to left arrow) the widget appears kind of {like} magic:

To provide more control over the user experience, you can incorporate your business logo within the widget by uploading the logo from your profile page.
How is that for personalization?

General Customization
Let's visualize this scenario; Have you ever used a software with excessive buttons or useless features irrelevant to your business? Us too. Our solution was to give you the power to minimize unwanted material your clients see and highlight features like:

  1. Filter, Hide or Default Items on Booking Page such as applying a "Weekday Filter"

  2. Customize the Client Registration Process by requiring a contact number or notes

  3. Customize the Confirmation Page such as "Hide the PDF button" or "Hide add to calendar".

In the following capture, you can view the features available for customization,- categorized numerically and its classifications alphabetically:

Location Customization
If your business has more than one location, you have the ability to:

  1. Hide location selector in widget homepage

  2. Show/hide "Location Phone Number" in widget setting page

  3.  Show/hide "Unavailable Locations" in widget setting page

  4. Display locations alphabetically

Turn any features On or Off by switching the sliding button to the right or the left:

Here, you can see a 60 second video on how clients can easily utilize the booking widget to book with your multi-location business!

Service Customization
Customize the way services show up on your booking widget. Some of the options available are: 

  1. Allow clients to book more than one service, e.g haircut and a pedicure

  2. Show details of the service in full view

  3. Take advantage of artificial intelligence by allowing the widget to find the earliest available slot to accommodate multiple services subsequently.

  4. Hide Duration of services

Provider Customization
If you operate a business with multiple provider, you can micromanage these settings and more to fit your preference best:

  1. Ability to list a particular provider first from the drop down menu

  2. Ability to "Skip Provider"

  3. Ability to allow/disallow "Multiple Provider Selection" 

  4. Ability to allow/disallow "Provider full view" with extended detail

  5. Ability to allow/disallow "Provider ratings and image"

This article outlines full personalization you can apply in providers setting.

Ready to provide the best user experience for your clients?  It's easy! 

You can extract your own personal widget code by maneuvering to Tools-> Business Tools -> Widget Settings and scroll to the bottom.  

Here, you will see the code ready to be uploaded on your website! 

You may also refer to this brief video  with step-by-step Instructions.

Happy *Smart* Booking

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