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Clients Can Book Appointments in their Time Zone and Preferred Language
Clients Can Book Appointments in their Time Zone and Preferred Language
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Perfect for businesses with customers near and far. If you have a multi location business in different time zones, this feature is ideal for you.

It’s easy to cater to your customers next door, but handling clients across the country is a whole another challenge. Take advantage of our free software which distinguishes & adjusts appointment times based on their respective timezones.

With an all in one solution software, timezone complexities become obsolete.

Let's uncover its possibilities.

Multiple Timezones Supported

Available time slots on the booking page are automatically translated to your customer's timezone.

You can set and adjust timezones from you business calendar page. On the right top side of your calendar you will see the following symbols. Chose the 3 dot icon.

You will then be able to chose between the following options:

Once you chose the timezone option, you can chose the appropriate time zone based on business locations or based on your preference.

For instance, if you serve customers in Toronto and Vancouver or Los Angeles and New York, you can set time zones to display appointments in the appropriate region. You may also chose to display all appointments on your calendar in the timezone you are operating in, for better visualization.

The customer will also get their email or SMS reminders and confirmations in the appropriate time zone of their appointment.

One Booking Widget, Multiple Languages Supported

Our innovative online scheduling tool provides a world of possibilities. Some of its features include multi service booking, multi location bookings, google analytics capabilities, customizable aesthetically, full customization of settings and multi language abilities, inter alia. With our demo vide, you can see how the innovative booking widget operates in action.

When your business extends its service to different regions or if you are a mobile business that operates solely by virtual meetings and caters to worldwide clients, choosing a common language that works for everyone could be challenging.

Until now. Display various versions of your booking widget on your website to attract and cater to clients that speak different languages. For instance, one English booking widget and one Widget displayed in French. Click the link for details for Multilingual Booking Widget for Your Monolingual Clients.

Need help getting started? Reach out to us and we can help!

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