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How To Sell Products With An Appointment
How To Sell Products With An Appointment

Use your inventory to sell or add products within a closed out appointment

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After you have gone to the Products page and created your products. You may now sell them to your clients using the Yocale POS.

  1. To add your product(s) to an appointment, enter into the POS invoice creator. This can be done by either changing the appointment Status to Done > Go to invoice or selecting the POS icon

2. Now in the invoice creator, select the Products tab

3. Select the product you want to be added to the invoice and either drag it into the invoice on the right hand side or double click the item.

4. This item is now added to the invoice. You can either edit the quantity of this product in your invoice or edit the item with the pencil icon where you can edit the price, add discounts or extra charges, disable/enable taxes and more

5. When finished, select the Pay button and complete the invoice with the payment

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