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Managing Your Business Settings
Managing Your Business Settings
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This article will go over how to manage your Business Settings and the features and functionalities.

To access the Business Settings page, first login as the business owner. Then click on the left side menu, go to "Settings" and then "Business Settings".

Business Settings Access

Business Details

1 - Name of Business (should be unique)

2 - Industry controls

3 - Your business phone number (can be left blank)

4 - Business Description - should contain as many keywords as possible related to your industry/services.

Business Images

1 - Add logo button

2 - Add/remove buttons for cover images

Logo Note: Logo dimension is 300 pixels by 300 pixels

Cover Image Note:

Cover images must be PNG, JPG, or WEBP and at least 2400 width x 600 height pixels

Businesses have 3 cover images that will be prefilled for new sign-ups based on their industry and can be removed or replaced. If the business uploads more than 1 image, there will be a cover image slider on public page.

Business Hours

Business hours let your clients know when your store front is open. These are not your generated time slots. You can set your schedule here for time slots: Check here

Default Settings

Control when to send email and text reminders to clients. As well as which email you want to use to send all notifications from and receive replies too. Finally you may add a custom message to every confirmation email.

Social Media

Add your social media links to your Yocale public profile page for clients.

Public Profile Link

"Enable your online listing" - Activating this will display the public page on Google Search results after some time. Deactivating will not display the public profile page on Google Search results.

Note: Website crawling, simply put, is the process which is usually done by search engines to create an index of the website's content and to rank it based on the relevance of the information for search queries.

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