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How To Track No-Shows
How To Track No-Shows

Keep track and manage client no-shows in 3 different ways

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There is more then one way to record a No Show. 

The first is to record a no-shows as they happen within your calendar. 

  1. When a no-show occurs, go into your Business Calendar and click on the  Appointment

  2. Select No Show from the drop down menu as outlined in red.

  3. Click on the X to close and Save as outlined in Pink. 

The second is to view no-show history within your client's profiles.

  1. Select the Clients tab from the left side menu.

2.  You can search your clients by name, phone or email. Once you have found your client, click on their name

3. Within the client profile, you will find total number of No Shows.

4. You will then be able to view a complete list of your client's no-shows, cancellations, rescheduled & upcoming appointments. This list includes appointment type, pricing, and date.

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