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How To Create Recurring Appointments
How To Create Recurring Appointments

Book your regulars, or soon-to-be regulars for recurring appointments

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Yocale makes it easy to create recurring appointments with these simple steps:

  1. From your Calendar page, click on the PLUS icon on the right side of the window and chose "New Appointment": 

   2. Once the new window appears, fill out the Booking Details and click OK:

3.  After creating the appointment,  select the Recurring option and choose either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly recurrences: 

4. You can set how many instances the recurring appointment will occur. You have the option to select an End Date for the recurring appointment or After a certain number of occurrences:

5. Once you have set your options, you can click on PREVIEW to view the future appointment you have just created: 

Don't forget to SAVE!

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