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Learn how to add services to your business

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Yocale makes adding services to your profile super easy! Follow these easy steps to add and edit existing services.

A quick video on how to add services:

  1. From your left drop down menu, select Business setup > Services.

2. Select the Add New Service button found underneath your services list. 

3. Enter the below service picture and information via "Service details":

Service Picture:

To begin, click on the camera icon to add a picture of your service.

As it is shown in the below image, you have two options for uploading a picture of your service: either select the left file icon to choose a picture from your device, or choose the right camera icon to take a picture with your camera.

When you uploaded the picture, don't forget to press "Save".

Once you have uploaded your photo, you can modify it by clicking on the service picture to access options to delete, crop or rotate it.

Service Information:

  1. Service Name

  2. Service Color - The color that the appointment will appear on the calendar

  3. Category - Enter an existing one, or create a new one

  4. Duration - Duration of the appointment with the client

  5. Transition Time - Option to add an extra buffer time between the next appointment

  6. Price

  7. Service Type - Either In-Person or Virtual (using Yocale Meet)

  8. Available for online booking - If the toggled ON > the service would be shown on the widget and public profile so the client can book it online. toggled OFF > the service will be shown on the calendar.

  9. Description - Optional area to add a service description to show to clients when booking online.

4. Select the Locations this service is available for booking (online and internal). In the example below, this service is only available at the Broadway location, not the Main st. location.

If the service is de-selected in a location, it will not be as bookable on the calendar, or schedulable by providers in that location for online booking.

5. Select the Providers who offer this service. In the example below, both providers offer this service. Select or de-select those who offer the service.

If the provider is selected as not offering this service, it will not be as bookable on the calendar, or schedulable by the provider for online booking.

6. If during the service creation you miss a step, you will see a yellow ! showing that you need to go back and fix a section of the service setup

7. When finished, select Save & Complete!


After creating a service, you can duplicate that specific service.

Go to the service list, and click on the three dots next to the service. Select the "Duplicate" option.

A window similar to the picture below will appear, giving you the option to decide whether you want to retain the same associations for location, staff, and form for the duplicated service. Don't forget to press "Duplicate".

You have successfully duplicated the selected service in your service list, including all the relevant information such as Copy of [Service name], category, duration, transition time, price, service type, availability for online booking, and description. You can easily edit any features of the duplicated service as needed.

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