Block Time Off

Set up either a single or recurring time off

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Quick video on how to block your time off:

Quick/Single Time off.

Example - Going to a special event during business hours.

  1. Click on the date and start time of the block time off on the Calendar. For example, our special event will begin Friday September 8th, 2022 at 2:45PM so we would click in the red x as shown below:

2. Now Click on "Block time off"

3. Finally, edit the end time to whatever you would like. For our example, we are doing 1 hour special event so it would be 1:00PM end time. Also we will add a Note to the block time off. After your finished click on "Save".

4. The block time off will display in the timeslot with the Note if created successfully.

Advanced/Recurring Time Off

Example - Monday to Friday Lunch time starting at 1:00PM until 2:00PM until a certain end date.

NOTE: You may use the process below to access block time off OR you can use the process above and click on "More Options" in the "Book New Appointment" window and also reach the same window to do recurring.

Continuing the other way to get to the Block Time-Off screen is to click on the "+" button on the top right of the calendar

Then select "Add Time Off"

2. When you use the Advanced Appointment process, you need to manually change the Start time and End time of the block time off. Our example is 1 hour lunch from 1:00PM to 2:00PM. Click on "Recurring" after your done editing the time and notes.

3. In the recurring section, begin with the "Period" - we are doing "Weekly" because we want it Monday to Friday of the week. We want it every week so we leave the weeks at "1". Then we want it to end after "A Date" and we selected end of 2022. After we are happy with the settings, we will click on "Preview" which will then show each block time off. You will be able to "Save" after (if you have a large recurring series you may need to scroll down to see the "Save" button)

You should see the recurring series on your Calendar if you successfully created it.

Note: When managing recurring block time offs, you can edit one of the recurring blocks and go back to the Recurring page to cancel all block time offs at once if needed. You can also cancel one at a time by using the trashcan button.

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