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How to export your clients from Clinic Essentials

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What Type of Data can be Imported?

Clinic Essentials data is brought over via backup file. From the backup we move over patient list, patient profiles, past and future appointments and products. 

If you would like insurance information or other parts of your database moved over as notes please check to see if it’s importable. 

Billing Data is unfortunately not stored in a way that is compatible with Yocale so invoice and payment information does not transfer. 

Creating your Backup

  1. After you’re done your day, close down your Clinic Essentials program.

  2. Find your clinic essentials folder on your hard drive. We’ve seen this located in the C drive, and usually called CLINESSE. So, hopefully it will be easy to find.

  3. Inside this folder is a folder called data. This is the one we need. Right click on this folder and find the option to create an “archive” or “zip” file, and follow the instructions that show up there. This will create a file called data.zip which should be right next to the data folder in the CLINESSE folder.

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