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Guide to POS and Creating Invoices
Guide to POS and Creating Invoices

How to use Yocale's POS system for tracking and processing payments, creating invoices and more

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There are 2 ways to access Yocale's point of sale:

  1. Select the appointment you want to create an invoice or process a payment for > Select the POS card icon

  2. Update the appointment status to Done > This will bring up a screen to choose to mark the appointment as done and go to the appointment invoice

Point of Sale Invoice Overview

In general, think of the left side of the POS interface as an area where you can add items to the invoice, and the right side is where you can manage, or edit these added items.

  1. Add additional, services, products or previous appointments for this client which may be previously unpaid to the invoice by navigating to the appropriate tab

  2. To add items to the invoice, either select & drag the item to the right side or double click on the item to add the item to the invoice

  3. Select the edit / pencil icon to open up the item editor where you can manage the quantity, price, add discounts or up-charges, adjust the taxes, as well as add internal or client facing notes to the invoice.

  4. The client that this invoice is for, you can view their invoice history as well as jump directly into their client profile

  5. Anything that you add, subtract, edit or modify will create a new revision of the invoice. When multiple revisions are created, you can use the invoice number drop down to return to view previous revisions or jump ahead to view more recent revisions of the invoice. You can also update the posted date of the invoice or email and print the invoice.

  6. Once everything is ready, you can proceed to the payment portion of the invoice. **FYI - you don't have to physically process payments through Yocale, you can simply use the POS for tracking payment methods as well as keep records of the transactions.

Yocale POS Payments

Once you land on the payment area you have a couple options to choose from for processing or tracking payments:

  1. Verify that the invoice details are correct on the right hand side

  2. If you are doing a split payment, you can select the amount you want to charge in the Charge Now box with one payment method and then process the rest with another. Or you can leave the amount and process the whole payment at once.

  3. There are 4 payment method tracking options - the first one is Cash. with cash, you can select the amount of cash received and give change appropriately

  4. Yocale Pay - This is what you need to set up in order to actually charge clients and their credit cards. Please this guide here to set up your Yocale Pay account:

  5. Physical Card Terminal allows you to select from the most popular card payments so you can keep records of your various Visa, Debit, Mastercard, Amex etc. payments and charge them through your own existing card terminal

  6. Others allows you to select from pre-existing payment types such as e-transfer, cheque, gift card, store credit, insurance or you can create your own payment type to keep records of these other received payment types.

Cash Payment

Select if you want to add tips or not and select Charge to proceed

Select the amount of cash received to determine the change to give and keep track of your business cash float.

If change is needed, select if the change is returned to the client or kept as a tip to the business.

Yocale Pay

If you have connected your Yocale Pay account to Yocale then you can enter the client credit card details here and actually charge the client. Please see this guide on how to set up your Yocale Pay account.

Physical Card Terminal Payment

To track payments through your own setup card process terminal, select the Physical card terminal option > select the type of card you are process from the list of available cards > enter the name of the client on the card > select charge

Other Payment Method

If you are tracking a payment for anything other than cash, Stripe, or your physical card terminal, you can select the Other option from the list.

Here you can select from a list of options including, e-transfer, insurance, store credit, gift card or custom where you can enter your own form of payment to track > Once selected, you can add an optional note if you like select charge to track this payment.

For all payment methods, once completed, you will be taken to a completed payment confirmation page which you can either send via email (by default the settings will automatically send the receipt), or you can view and print off the invoice.

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