Implement the booking Widget on your business website in various styles and formats. You can customize your widgets aesthetics including colour, design, presentation and more right from the widget settings page.

There are 3 different styles that you can add in the book button onto your website:

1. Custom Book Button (Inline)

A custom button you can place anywhere within the code of your site


2. Floating Book Button

A hovering book button that stays fixed on your website as customers scroll up and down on your website


3. Embedded Book Button

Have the schedule already opened up and ready to book in a section of your webpage

Instructions on Installing your Widget

1. Custom Book Button:

For more information and to implement the booking widget as the above capture illustrates, click here.

2. Floating book button:

Another way to invite clients to book your services online is to add the booking button as a floating widget to your website. In the floating version, the book button floats on the right side of the website and displays on all web pages.

Click here if you wish to implement the floating booking widget on your website.

You also have the option to assign preset values to your booking widget. In other words, you can set the widget to display a certain provider, service, or location based on your clients preference and send them the unique Widget URL.

Say you operate a multi-location business and each location has its own website. The widget then would load location-specific availability relatable to that particular location. To learn more about the booking widget with a preset location click here.

Bonus! Engineer the widget to display a preset staff or service.

3. Embed booking page:

You might prefer the booking feature to be embedded within your website. As the following pictures display, the widget is pinned to the backdrop of the website. This format provides less navigation and easy accessibility for bookings:

Click here to embed the booking Widget on your website.

Any which way you decide to implement the widget, we can guarantee less clicks and more bookings in your future! If you would like to have your booking page customized in a different way, use our support chat to get in touch with us.

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