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How To Activate Google Analytics On Your Booking Widget
How To Activate Google Analytics On Your Booking Widget

Learn how to setup & view your Google analytics for your booking widget

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To connect your Yocale Booking Widget to your Google Analytics and view the information in Google Analytics, follow the steps below:

Setting up Google Analytics

Navigate to your Google Analytics:

  1. Navigate to the Admin > Account Setting > Data Streams

  2. Under the Data Streams > Click on Add stream > Then click on Web

  3. Add as Website URL > Add Yocale as Stream name > Click on Create stream

  4. Open the created Data stream > Copy the Measurement ID

Setting up Yocale Widget

Open your Yocale account and follow the steps below:

  1. On the left hand side menu navigate to the Settings > Widget Settings

  2. Under the General customization > Enter your Google Analytics Measurement ID > Click Save

You're all done and you will see incoming data in the next 24 hrs!

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