Shortcut to Notifications and Activities

Directly from your calendar. View (internal) updates and appointment interactions that have been sent to clients

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This article will assist you to utilize Yocale's (virtual) features to your advantage and make your day to day operations run as smoothly as possible.

First, let's locate the virtual assistant, it's easy! On the top right side of your business calendar, you will see the four dot icon (outlined in the below capture). Once you click on it, a window will appear open which includes the Notification and Widgets tabs:

For all the abilities that the "Widgets" tab entails, like automatically finding and filtering the best appointments, this article will assist.

In this article, our focus will be the notification tab for internal bookings and as well the client notification section-, where you can assimilate all communication that was sent to your client. If you have set up by request appointments, you may also view the bookings requests here.

Internal Notifications

Within the "Recent Activity" tab you can view every booking, cancellations or rescheduling of appointments that have been created. Use the small arrow icon (refer to the bold arrow) to preview the recent activity directly on your calendar or appointment window:

Client Notifications

Would you like to see all communication (such as reminders and confirmations) that have been sent to clients? Simply go to the "Client" section, type the name of the specific client and click on the "Reminders and Notification" tap (refer to arrow). All interactions will be displayed with details:

We hope these advanced (but simple) features will assist you smoothly in your day to day operations.

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