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Appointment Finder

Yocale's virtual appointment finder

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In this article, I will show you step by step how the smart appointment finder saves you time while locating the best possible appointment to book your clients in: 

  1. From your calendar, click on the 4 dot-like Icon outlined below in black. 

  2. A new window will slide open on the right side of your Calendar. 

  3. Choose "Widgets"

4. Search for the Type of Service your clients requires and click on "Find Availability". 

5. The Widget will then find the closest time(s) and date(s) available: 

6. You have the option to filter more parameters including Time, Date Range, Preferred Provider, wait time and More: 

7. You may prioritize your search by Date, Time, and Waiting time depending on the priority of the Client: 

Once the Appointment finder locates the best appointment, Go ahead and Book!

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