Zapier is a platform in which you are able to connect various softwares together and perfom various actions. In this article, we'll walk you through how to enable your appointments you make within your Google Calendar to sync within your Yocale calendar to keep your real time availability accurate. 

To make this connection follow the steps below:

  • make your way to and either sign in or make an account
  • Select the Make a Zap button
  • Search and select the Google Calendar app
  • Select the action you would like to trigger the booking > in this case it is a new event created in your Google Calendar
  • Select the Google account you want to connecto to thie Zap
  • Select the calendar from this account you wish to connect
  • If Zapier successfully makes the connection then you will get the Test Successful screen
  • Now its time to connect you Yocale account: search and select the Yocale app within the app search tool
  • Choose the action you'd like for Zapier to perform: either block time off within your calendar or create an appointment. In this instance we are going to use it for the purpose of blocking time off
  • Select or connect your Yocale account¬†
  • Select the various parameters from the Yocale account you'd like for Zapier to push through from your Google Calendar to your Yocale Calendar:
  • These can all be selected from the drop down menuon the right hand side of the item
  1. Provider
  2. Location
  3. Start Date & Time (usually called "Event Begins")
  4. Duration
  5. If you like you can add a comment to the booking so you know where it came from
  • Click continue and Zapier will push through a test zap. Check your Yocale calendar to see if this pushed through correctly with the correct information
  • Once the test is successful and you are happy with the information it pushed through, you can name the zap and make sure it is turned on

That's everything you need to know about Creating a Zapier connection between Google Calendar and Yocale!

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