1. After logging into your Zapier account, click 'Make A Zap' found at the top of your home page. 

2. You will now be prompted to select your Trigger App. Be sure to chose Yocale. 

3. After selecting Yocale, go ahead and choose your trigger.

4. After choosing your Yocale account, you will then be prompted to test the first stage of your zap. Go ahead and click 'fetch & continue'.

Once your testing is complete, you can then go ahead and add the second stage of your Zap: Mailchimp.

5. Go ahead and select MailChimp as your Action App.

6. Next, you will select your MailChimp action. 

7.  Now you will be prompted to select the MailChimp account that will be associated with your Zap.

8. Now that you have added your MailChimp account, you will need to select the details of your Zap. 

9. The last step in setting up your Zap is to test MailChimp.

10. Now that your Zap is complete you will be prompted to turn your Zap ON. By doing so, your Zap will run instantly when triggered!

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