How to create .ics files to import into Yocale

Yocale gives you the ability to import your bookings from other external calendars into your Yocale calendar. This is done by importing .ics files (iCal format) which can be exported from most external calendars such as Gmail, Outlook, Mac, Hotmail, Yahoo.

This is a one way import from your other calendar into Yocale however, and any changes made to the bookings in Yocale will not update the external calendar or vice versa.

Creating .ics files depends on what other calendars you have your appointments in. In most cases, there will be an option to export your calendar, look for that option and choose the .ics or iCal format.

Follow the links below to see your calendar, or do a google search for “How to export ics file from <your Calendar Provider>”.

How to export your appointments from Google Calendar

How to export your calendar from a Mac

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