Yocale makes adding services to your profile super easy! Follow these easy steps to add and edit existing services.

  1. From your email drop down menu, select Manage > Services.

2. Select the +Add Service button found underneath your services list. 

3. Enter the Service Name.

4. Add the Price of your service.

5. Add the Duration of your service in minutes. 

6. Add Transition Time. This is the amount of time it takes you to go from one service to the next. This is usually between 0-30 minutes. 

7. Add a quick Description of the service. This will be seen on your Yocale profile for clients to learn more about your services. 

8. Customize Color. You can choose the color of the service that shows up on the calendar. 

9. Choose To Promote This Service. Check this box off to have this service displayed to other Yocale members in your Locale. 

10. Choose To Hide This Service. If you wish to only book this service on YOUR calendar but not have it available for clients to book online then click this box. 

11. Choose Locations. If you work out of multiple locations and only certain locations offer this service, select the locations above where this service would be booked by customers. 

12. Save & Complete!

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