If you're a business who offers classes you'll learn here how to set them up to be offered by your business, as well as how to schedule them to be booked by clients. 

  1. Select Services/Products under your email drop down menu.

2. Select +Add Service.

3. Similar to setting up services, enter the class Name, Price, Duration, Transition Time, Description of the class, and select a Color, choose whether to Promote This Service or Hide This Service

4. Select Scheduled Class to mark this as a class, and not a service.

5. Enter the Minimum & Maximum Registrants you would like to allow to register for the class. 

6. Save!

7. Add class to schedule by selecting +Manage Availability

8. Click anywhere on the schedule. Once the following screen opens, Choose Offering by selecting the scheduled class from the drop down menu.

9. Choose Class. Choose the class you would like to offer for booking. 

10. Select the Start & End Time in which you would like to offer the scheduled class. 

11. Choose Recurrence & Days of the week you would like to offer this class. 

12. Created Schedule! Your classes have now been added. 

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