Adding Classes To Your Business Schedule 

a. Select Business Calendar

b. Click on you profile or the Provider's profile you want to create the Class Schedule for and chose "Manage Availability"

c. Add class to schedule by selecting +New Schedule.

d. Choose Offering by selecting the scheduled class from the drop down menu. 

e. Choose Class. Choose the class you would like to offer for booking. 

f. Select the Start & End Time in which you would like to offer the scheduled class. 

g.  Choose Recurrence & Days of the week you would like to offer this class. 

h. Create Schedule! Your classes have now been added.

Don't Want Scheduled Classes To Interfere With Your Businesses Regular Availability? 

Tip: You can create a new provider profile if you would like to keep classes separate from your regular availability. Under your new provider profile you can then add a schedule with availability for your class(es).

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