Summer 2016 Release

This release has over 150 updates, ranging from small help labels and help icons all over the site, to major utilities and tools. The focus has been to make your life easier as well as your clients’ experience easier. We constantly listen to your feedback and most of this release is based on feedback from you and your clients.
The following lists some of the main high level changes;

Your Clients' Experience

With this release, your clients will have a much easier time booking with you, we made significant enhancements to the client experience to ensure clients make less mistakes while booking or managing appointments. “Please Wait” messages, easier locale detection, repositioning of buttons, easier reset password, incomplete account notifications, add to Calendar, sorting services alphabetically, Interface improvements for both the appointments list as well as the summary report to make them clearer.

Better Designed Booking Pages

Our booking pages (your mini website) have had a make-over, the Book button is more prominent and persistent with movements on the page, and clients will more easily find the times for booking. Services are now sorted alphabetically to be easier to find. Your booking pages have also been better tuned to provide you with improved search engine rankings by adding reviews to the description.

Export Reports to CSV

You can now export your reports to a CSV / Excel file so you can manage them in external applications. All you need to do is to run the report, then select the Export function as you do with PDF exports. We have also added a new report summarizing statistics.

Allowing PDF Attachments to Client Records

You can now attach PDF files to client details pages, this opens up a variety of options for storing information about your clients.

Custom Notice for Client Reminders

You can now decide how far in advance you want to send out your reminder emails and SMS messages to your clients, you have the choice of 24 or48 hours, 1 or 2 business days, we will then automatically schedule them to be sent based on your preference. You can change this setting by going to your settings -> booking page.  SMS reminder message wording has been slightly changed to have a more positive note (As you requested)

Security and Performance

Additional security enhancements were applied to Yocale to make it one of the most secure platforms in the market. As always, we also target performance enhancements to make sure you get a snappy and responsive application, in this release, reports got a performance boost as well as subscription management pages.

See your Feature Entitlements

You are now able to see exactly what features you have or don’t have based on your level of subscription, as well as clear descriptions of how to manage your subscriptions.

New Book us Online Buttons

When adding buttons to your webpage, our new buttons focus less on Yocale and more on you. There is no need for you to do anything, the buttons will change automatically on your site.

SMS Message Feature Control

In order to ensure your SMS messages go out on time, we are starting to enforce the limits defined in your subscription payment. Existing customers will continue to receive SMS messages regardless of your package, but new customers and renewals will follow the new pricing model for SMS messages. Please be sure to check your subscription level next time you are renewing to avoid interruptions in SMS reminders to your clients.

Instagram Added to your Social Media Accounts

You can now display your Instagram photos on your Yocale booking pages along with the existing social media accounts such as Facebook, twitter, Google+, etc..

Easier Password Reset

Now when you forget your password, you will be prompted to enter a new password without the need to copy and paste a complex password that we send you. This is more secure, saves you and your clients a step, and makes it easier to remember your password.

Client Details Feature Control

Observing client details is now no longer available on the free subscription package. Existing customers will continue to get this feature, but for new customers, it will be based on your subscription level.

Add To Calendar Feature

The Add to Calendar feature for your clients now includes the ability to choose from Google Calendar, Apple iCal, or Outlook in order to add the bookings to the client’s calendar.

Increased Client Import Limit to 1000

Due to popular demand, we have increased the limit of how many clients can be imported in one file to 1000 instead of 200. This will make it easier and quicker to upload your clients into Yocale.

Calendar Improvements

The calendar has been improved with small behaviour changes that make it easier for your to book appointments as well as reduces the chance of making mistakes while creating a booking. Reminders and notifications are clearly marked.

Warn Users When Writing Bad Reviews

When a client chooses a bad score while writing a reviews, we will now ask them if they are sure, and clarify that 1 = bad, 5 = good. This is because some people are confused while writing reviews.

Added Request Date to Appointment Requests

You will now be able to see when an appointment was requested when looking at the list of appointment requests on your calendar. This allows you to make better choices and prioritization when responding to requests.

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