Spring 2016 Release

Yocale’s spring 2016 release has over 150 updates, ranging from small help labels and help icons all over the site, to major utilities and tools that make Yocale the most powerful appointment booking software and business management software on the market.
The following lists some of the main high level changes;

Appointment Notes

Appointment notes have now been increased to accept as much information as you choose to write into each booking about your clients. This significantly enhances the value of the notes within the system.

Close Multiple Appointments

You can now mark as many appointments done as you want. Just select the date range you want to close the appointments for, and Yocale will close them and apply all default settings (including sending receipts etc..)

Email and SMS Statistics

You can now see how many emails and text messages (SMS) in total have been sent for your account. This can be seen on the statistics tab where you will be able to compare month by month and understand the numbers of reminders and notifications sent to your clients on your behalf.

Simplified Business Sign-ups

We have made the process of signing up and setting up your profile so much easier in Yocale that it now takes just a couple of minutes or less to be accepting online bookings from scratch.

Hiding Services

You can now add services that only you can book for your clients. This is done by selecting the “Hide Service” checkbox on your services description, which will then not show this service to clients for online booking but will allow you to select it when booking for clients.

Security and Performance

Significant security enhancements were applied to Yocale to make it one of the most secure platforms in the market. As always, we also target performance enhancements to make sure you get a snappy and responsive application.

New Statistics Summary Report

You can now print out the statistics summary in a report format that can be exported or printed.

Better Explanation of Booking Availability

Your booking widget now contains clearer messages to allow your clients to know whether you are fully booked or don’t have a schedule setup (e.g. on vacation).

Improved Notifications

Notifications now tell you exactly who did the booking or made changes to the booking, whether it was the client or one of your staff members. This is great for tracking who does what internally.

Provider Tools for Practicing Business Owner

Now a business owner who is also a provider will have access to their provider tools so they can do things like importing calendars or setting specific alerts for their individual booking pages.

Booked-By and Booked-On

For every appointment, you can now see who booked it and exactly when it was booked in local time for better tracking.

New-Client Flag on Bookings

When a client books you for the first time, you will see a “*” next to their name on the calendar, as well as “(NEW CLIENT)” on the notifications tab for this client. This will allow you to better identify who has booked you for the first time on Yocale.

New Chat Feature

You can now chat with us when you have any questions or have an issue by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right of any page. This section will also offer you hints and tips that are specific to you and remind you of things such as a schedule expiring or ways to make sure you get maximum exposure.

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