Spring 2015 Release

Yocale’s spring 2015 release has over 100 new features, ranging from small help icons all over the site, to major utilities and tools that make Yocale the most powerful appointment booking software and business management software on the market.

New Website Design

All the member facing pages have been redesigned for a better member experience. Including the home page, booking pages, confirmations, receipts, and emails.

Welcome emails

All new members now receive welcome emails as soon as they sign up, these emails explain how to proceed and use Yocale to get the most out of signing up.

Calendar enhancements

Enhancements to both the provider and business calendars include stretching the calendar to maximize screen space, personalization of the calendar (start times, hour format, and default view), time pickers, and increased performance. Users can now also book appointments with dates that have already passed.

Added booked-by to bookings

Users can now see who booked each appointments when they edit the appointment. This allows better accountability and tracking of appointments.

Option to send email while cancelling appointments

Users now have the ability to choose whether to send a cancellation email to the client when they cancel an appointment from the calendar.

Social media integration

Businesses and providers can now integrate Yocale with their Facebook and twitter accounts and show updates from these channels on their Yocale booking page.

Limit Online Bookings to Existing Clients

The ability to choose who can book a provider has been expanded to also include existing clients. This is useful for providers who are not looking for new clients.

Business cards are now booking cards

Businesses and providers can now print out customized booking instructions that they can hand out to their clients to make it easy for them to book them online.

Show email samples for client invites

When inviting clients, users can now see what the email that will be sent to the clients looks like.

SMS messages now tracked on client interactions

Providers can now see a history of SMS reminders that were sent to each client and are also able to schedule new periodic SMS reminders to go to their clients.

New reports

Existing reports have been enhanced to include more information, as well as two new summary reports have been added to give users an overview of their business and clients.

Additional photos for business and provider

Users can now add multiple photos to show case their business, these photos are displayed and revolve on their booking page which now acts more like a website. Receipt logo can now be added to be printed with the receipt as well as confirmation emails that go to clients. Businesses who use the same account for both provider and business can now have different photos for each.

Schedule management enhancements

Generating a schedule is now more user friendly with a redesign of the schedule dialogue that takes users through logical steps of creating and editing their schedule.

Custom confirmation and reminder emails

Providers and businesses can now add their own logo to confirmation emails that are sent to their clients as well as to the receipts printed out by their clients.

Providers automatically added as favorites

When clients book providers online, these booking pages will automatically be added as a favorite for the clients so they can find the provider booking pages in the future.

Enable interactions for offline clients

Providers and businesses can now send email reminders to their customers even if they have not registered on Yocale.

Embed profile and book-us-online buttons

Businesses and providers can now choose between embedding their availability on their site or just having a button that says “book us online”.

Improved search

Users can now drive the search results from the map while looking and browsing for businesses, they can also pass parameters for searches to make it easier for clients to find them. Performance of the search has also been improved.

Custom keywords

We can now specify certain keywords that will be associated with their account so when members search Yocale, their booking pages will be retrieved. This is the first stage where we will allow providers and businesses to customize these keywords for themselves.

Appointment confirmation emails now tracked on interactions

Providers and businesses can now see all appointment confirmations and reminder emails for their clients, this allows them to accurately see a history of the interactions.

Members appointment management enhancements

Members now have a better and easier way to separate their past and upcoming appointments as well as see a history of their appointments in a more organized chronological fashion.

New time picker

On the calendar pages, new time pickers have been implemented which makes entering the time much easier than before, especially on touch screen devices.

Subscribe to Yocale from external calendars

Providers can now see their Yocale appointments in other external calendars that support the iCal format so they can easily see their Yocale appointments on phones, Gmail, etc..

Businesses can manage provider preferences

Business owners and admins can now manage preferences for all their providers without having to login as each provider. This of course requires that the provider grant them access to do so.

Menu structure changes

The menu structure for providers and business users has been changed to include the most commonly needed menu options to be available on the top level without having to click on the email address, this makes it easier to access and understand.

Recurring appointments

Businesses and providers can now schedule recurring appointments for their clients from the calendar, this could be daily, weekly, or monthly and they choose how many occurrences should be generated. Members receive regular email confirmations.

Track profile views

Businesses and providers can now see how many times each month Yocale members and other users have viewed their booking pages.

Manually choose your locale

Users can now manually choose their locale from a drop down list of the most commonly accessed locales, this eliminates the need for them to turn on location services in order to search.

Support for taxes, discounts, and tips

Businesses and providers can now specify taxes, tips, discounts, on their settings page which allows them to add these and change them for each individual appointment as they are marking it as done.

More help and tooltips for users

Providers and businesses will see loads more tooltips across the application in different screens that explain what these screens do, and how to use them, especially the settings pages. Members will find lots of changes to make it easy for them to book their providers.
Video tutorials have also been added to many of the provider and business facing pages.

Business and services promotions

Yocale members will now be presented with other non-competing businesses and services while booking appointments on Yocale. Businesses will be able to decide which services they want to promote and may have special first time customer promotion services to show on these lists.

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