Late Summer 2016 Release

This year, summer in Vancouver has not been as sunny as usual, we therefore stayed inside a bit more than most summers. This worked out well for our customers because we spent more time building out new features and were able to bring you some of the items you asked for.
Here are the latest changes:

Auto-complete on client list

Searching for clients has become much easier with the new auto-complete feature. Just like when selecting a client for an appointment, you can now enter the name, email, or phone number and Yocale will auto-complete the list for you to quickly find what you are looking for.

Menu enhancements

Your menu has become more intuitive, we have moved the “Manage Subscription” option under the main “Manage” menu, and removed the consumer specific links from your main menu (you can still get to them by choosing the “Client Mode” option from the main menu.

Email appointment list to client

You can now send a list of future and/or past appointments to each client by email. This allows clients to quickly see what appointments they have with you without having to look for them or login to Yocale. It’s as simple as clicking a single button on the client page.

Sharing client information across the business

We now allow business owners to share all the client information with all their providers. A business owner can now open up all notes and appointments so all staff members can see all notes and bookings with all other staff members within the business.

Online guided tutorials

We have added new guided tutorials that show you how to use specific pages across the application. Just click on the blue “Tutorials” tab on the left of the page and follow the links.

Custom comments when booking appointments

You can now specify what type of information you want your clients to enter when booking an appointment. This is done my customizing the message that is shown in the comments section on the booking page.

Less intrusive client updates

When you update the basic profile information for your clients, we will now only ask you to send them an email if the client being changed has previously logged into Yocale, if they have not, we will not send them any email notifications of the change.

Client appointments page

Your clients now have a much easier time managing their appointments. They are now able to see a full history of their cancelled and rescheduled appointments, and can now manage any appointment requests directly from their appointments page. The appointment page has also gotten a performance boost which should make it much faster to deal with.

Clients can also easily book new appointments with the new “Book new appointment” button on their home page.

Simplify profile alerts

It’s now easier to personalize the alerts on your profile, your last alert will appear as long as the dates are valid, and when they expire, they will no longer be shown. If you want the same alert once more, just extend the dates.

Reports - Providers who have left

All your business transactional reports now include all providers, even if they have been removed from the business and no longer take bookings at the business. This allows you more accurate historical reports and applies to all reports in the system.

Reports - Full client list report

You can now download a full list of your clients into a CSV file, this includes email, name, client statistics summary, and anything within the comments field.

Block time off

The default time for blocking time off is now one hour, which makes it easier for you to see the block as well as match the defaults in other parts of the system for consistency.

Online textual reviews are shown

We now only show reviews that have a comment on your profile pages, your totals and summary will still be shown, but the detailed listing of reviews only shows those that have a comment.


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