Fall 2016 Release

2 Huge New Features have just been added to Yocale and we couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of

Yocale Customizable Forms and Online Payment Integration

You asked and we listened! Our team has been busy all fall building and testing each component of these features to ensure the utmost security and integrity as we have now laid the groundwork for many new business features for all of our Yocale Business clients.

Here are the latest changes:

Intake Forms - Phase 1

Yocale Forms allows you to create form templates and then use them to collect data in a formatted and easy to duplicate way.  Now you can collect the data you need about your clients and appointments in the format you want it.   Our simple-to-use, “drag & drop” form builder makes it easy to build intake forms, appointment notes, client detail forms and anything else you can imagine.  Add text boxes, drop down menu’s, dates, yes/no options & checklists.  Save your form once and now every provider can use these templates for their clients.  In our next release, these templates will be available to be attached to online bookings so clients can fill out their own intake forms.  Start building your first Form Template today in your account Tools.

Payments - Phase 1

With our new integration to Stipe, you can now get payment from your client’s credit cards when closing the appointment. It’s as simple as entering your Stripe secret key as a payment method then selecting that payment method when closing an appointment.  Here’s some simple instructions on how to set up your Stripe account to get started!

Multiple Business Locations

With this new upgrade, now locations can be associated with a business instead of just providers.  That means businesses can have multiple locations in one listing, and their staff can be scheduled at any of their locations.
This also means that businesses can now create onsite locations (Mobile), i.e. you go to your client instead of your client coming to you.

Yocale optimizations

Upgrades to client searching, business booking page optimizations including not showing Administrator images on the home page, more secure encryption, easier password resets, no registration option on receipts, and many more small enhancements that were requested by you.

Track Multiple Payment Methods

When closing appointments, you can now track more than one payment per appointment, and indicate any outstanding amounts to be collected later (insurance or other third parties). This allows you to then run reports and see a list of all outstanding (non paid) amounts per client so you can collect or bill on insurance systems.

Provider Schedule Update

Your provider calendar will now show Confirmed Vs. Request on your schedule.

Receipt Enhancement

Receipts will include client address if available.  Removed registration # from main area of receipt.

Auto-Save Client Details and Notes

You won’t ever have to worry about losing client and treatment notes again! Everything you type is now autosaved in Yocale.

SMS and Email Reminder Timing

You can now customize SMS and Email Reminder Notice Time to 2 or 4 hrs before appointments.

Class bookings on your main Calendar

Now all classes can be booked on your calendar the same way appointments are added. Add single classes or recurring classes in your calendar view.

Report Enhancements

We’ve updated and added some new staff management reports to help with tax reports and commission reports.  If you have a Yocale Business account, you can view them in your account here: https://www.yocale.com/Business/BusinessReports

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