If you're looking to attach an intake form or an appointment chart to a client. There are a couple ways to do it.

1. Find your client in your client list and add a note from their client profile. - Access through Clients.

2. Open the client profile from an appointment booking on your calendar and click to fill out the form there. Access by clicking on the appointment, selecting the Client icon.

Once you have created Form Templates for your business, you can use these to create formatted notes for your clients and appointments.

1. Open your client list and select the client to add a form to. Click View Details.

2. Click Client Forms.

3. Select the Form Template you'd like to use, click it's box to open it.

4. Fill out the Form field and make sure to Save.  Edit existing entries by clicking the Pencil icon.

Forms will stay listed, as you add them to Client Files, available to edit, view or delete.

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