Still not quite sure how to access you client database? You can use your CRM to manage your clients from adding, searching and enabling SMS reminders to viewing appointments and client history. This quick list of tips will guarantee you a Yocale CRM expert!

  1. Access your CRM by selecting Business Clients from your top menu. 

2. Search clients by their name, email or phone number.

3. Select +Add Client

4. Select Merge Clients if you have duplicate clients and would like to merge their information. 

5. Select View Details to enter the clients profile. 

6. Access client Information within their profile. 

7. If you would like to Enable Text (SMS) Reminders, be sure to select this box and enter clients cell phone number. 

8. To Enable Email Reminders, select the box and be sure to add your clients email address. 

9. Select Add Alert if you would like to add an alert that will show up each time you open their profile. 

10. Select Block Client if you would like to prevent this client from booking online. 

11. Select Interactions to set client reminders to re-book, follow-up on appointments, or view the messages that have been sent to the client in the past. 

12. Select Documents to add client files & documents to their profile. These files can be intake forms, consent forms, pictures, or test results.

13. View Client Statistics. The client numbers give an overview of the clients total appointments, total paid, notes made after appointments, as well as cancels, reschedules, lates and no-shows. 

14. Select Print Client History if you would like to print the record of the appointment history of the client along with the associated notes made with the appointment. 

Congratulations, you are now a Yocale CRM Pro! 

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