Yocale's super flexible scheduler makes it a breeze to set up your availability the way you want it. 

  1. Within your Calendar, select Manage Availability from the Provider Drop Down Menu. 

2. Click +New Schedule to create a new schedule of availability. This is where you specify who is available, to provide what services, and when. (This is separate from general business hours).

3. You can also double click on the calendar to start creating a schedule. 

4.  First you set your Location (this is most important if you work at multiple locations to ensure your clients can only book you at the location and times that you are there!)

5. Select the Location you will offer your services. 

6. Chose your settings: 

  • select Instant Bookings for automatic bookings. Uncheck Instant Bookings if you would like to receive a message when a client books an appointment to Accept, Decline or Propose Another Time. Appointments won't be put into your calendar until you message them. 
  • You can also edit the number of appointments you can take at a time under Concurrent Appointments.
  • Select your services available (for this time & location) under the Offering pulldown menu. 

7. Within the Start & End Time slots, enter the time you would like your first appointment to start and the time you would like your last appointment to end. 

Next, Select the Date Range for your schedule. Note: this must be within your subscription dates. 

Use the Time Slots pulldown menu to select your appointment intervals. Leaving this as Automatic will show the best appointment times to you clients based on your End Time of the day and appointment length. If set to 15 mins, it will show ex. 9:15, 9:30, 9:45. Or 30 mins will show 9:00, 9:30, 10:00. 

Choose your Recurrence. Is this schedule for every day of the week? Or just a few? Every other week or One Day per Month. Set your schedule for this specific series of services and hours.  Select the Days of the week that you would like your schedule to apply.

Once you have checked that everything is correct, go ahead and click Create Schedule. Success! Your new schedule will appear on your calendar and clients will now be able to book or request bookings (depending on your chosen settings). 

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