You might need to block time off for an appointment, personal commitment or just a short break. There are multiple ways of creating time off from  your schedule:

  1. From your Business Calendar, Click anywhere on the calendar to bring up the appointment window:

Select the Block time off option > select the time range for the time off. If you like, you can also add a note and tag for this time off. When finished press the Save button

The 2nd way of Blocking time off is also from your Calendar: 

  1. Click on the " + " Icon on the right side of your calendar and chose "New Time Off": 

Add the Date this sequence will begin, as well as the Start & End Time of the break:

Recurring Option:
You can schedule the block time off for one day or several months by using the "Recurring" Option. This means, you want this  break to occur daily, weekly, or monthly. You may also customize how often it will occur.  For example, you might select every 2 days for the Block time off to occur. 

Once you Save, your changes will be uploaded to your schedule. Enjoy your Break!

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