Are your customers unable to book you online? First - check that your schedule is set up correctly. Second - be sure to select Online Bookings within your schedule settings. 

Follow these next simple steps to learn how:

  1. Within your Business Calendar, select yourself from the staff list.
  2. Select Manage Availability

3. Select the Edit Schedule icon found to the left of your daily schedule.

4. Select Edit Entire Series, unless you would like to just edit automatic online bookings for the day. In that case, select Edit This Instance

Now that you are within your schedule settings, you can double check the Start & End Date and Times, as well as the recurrence of this particular series. 

5. Select the Instant Bookings box in order to allow instant, online bookings. Be sure to click Create Schedule to save your changes.

Success! You now have edited your schedule settings to allow instant, online bookings. 

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