Looking to change the frequency between your appointments? Yocale offers automatic time slots to show the best appointment times based on your schedule and the service selected. If you would like to try 15 minutes or 30 minutes time slots, feel free to edit this setting in just a few quick clicks. Follow these steps:

1. Within your Business Calendar, select Staff.

2. Select Manage Availability. 

3. If you already have a schedule set up, select the Edit Schedule icon found to the left of the daily schedule. If you need to create a new schedule, double click anywhere on the schedule.

4. Select Edit Entire Series, unless you are wanting to make changes for the day. In that case, select Edit This Instance

5. Under the Time Slots pulldown, select either Automatic, 15 mins, or 30 mins. What do these mean? This controls how your availability will be presented to your clients when they come to book appointments online. If set to Automatic it will show the best appointment time based on your End Time of the day and appointment length. This allows for less gaps in your day! If set to 15 mins. it will show ex. 9:15, 9:30, 9:45. Or 30 mins will show 9:00, 9:30, 10:00.

Don't forget to save by selecting Create Schedule!

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