Want to see your customers online booking experience? Follow these steps to see exactly what your profile looks like to the public as well as your new and existing customers.

1. Customers will be able to read your Business Description to get an idea of what your business is all about. 

2. Underneath your description, a Google Map with your business locale is shown.

3. Customers will be able to view all of your Staff Profiles and will be able to book directly with a provider by clicking the Book button. 

4. Your complete Business & Contact Information is shown, including your address, telephone, website and hours.

5. All of your Services are listed, including available locations, duration and pricing. Customers can choose to directly book a service by clicking the Book button.

6. Once a customer selects the Book button, they will be lead to your Schedule and Booking Page

7.  When the customer Books, they will receive a pop-up with their appointment information, prompting them to Confirm & Book. They will also have the opportunity to send you a note with their confirmation.  

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