Looking forward to filling your calendar with new appointments around the clock? Follow these steps to get your schedule and settings in place to start taking appointments.

  1. Booking Policies: (cancellations, pre-payment, forms, sms/email notifications)
  2. Locations/Staff Schedules 
  3. Payment Methods 

How To Set Your Booking Policies

1. From your email pulldown menu, select Services/Products.

2. Select the Service you would like to set cancellation policies for.

3. Select Pre Payment/Authorization required.

4. Select the Payment Method (this is the account that will receive payment).

5. Select the specific requirements. You have the option to choose the following:

  • Pre-Authorization - This option only charges in the case of a no-show. You can choose to charge a percentage of the service total, or a specific dollar amount.
  • Payment Before Booking Optional - Your clients have the choice to pay for their service beforehand. This is for their convenience. 
  • Payment Before Booking Required -  This option requires your clients to pay a portion, or the full amount of the service at the time of booking. Just like the Pre-Authorization option, you choose this (either a percentage or dollar amount). 

Don't forget to Save your changes!

Set Your Locations & Staff Availability 

1. From your calendar pulldown select your Business Calendar.

2. Select the Staff member you would like to edit.

3. Select Manage Schedule

4. Click on the block of time and select the Edit Schedule Icon. Note - if a schedule has not yet been created, click +New Schedule.

5. Under Choose Location, select the location(s) this staff will be available during this sequence. Here you will have the opportunity to select Instant Bookings or disabling this feature by un-selecting the box. Disabling instant online bookings means that all online bookings will come come in as Requests requiring your approval. 

Don't forget to save your changes by clicking, Create Schedule!

How To Set Up Online Payments For Services 

1. From your email pulldown menu, select Manage.

2. Select Services/Products.

3. Now you will see a list of all services. Find your service and select Edit.

Within your service you will be able to edit the payment options.

4. Be sure to select the box for Pre Payment/Authorization Required if you would like automatic payments at the time of booking.
5. Next, select the Payment Account.
6. Then select your choice of either:

  • Pre-authorize & charge in case of no-show
  • Payment before booking is Optional
  • Payment before booking is Required

You will then have the option to chose the amount you would like to be paid at the time of booking. Eg. 100%, 50%, $25, or just to hold the credit card in the case of a no-show. 


Don't forget to Save your changes.

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