How to add Yocale bookings to Weebly

Weebly is a simple to use and powerful web platform for those users wanting more advanced website features from Yocale's basic mini-website. For more information on using Weebly, check out their website:

Get the button or widget code from Yocale

  1. In Yocale, head to Tools > Embed Profile.
  2. Select the type of button/widget/link you want to add to your website.

3. Select and copy the button code that is provided:

Add the code to your Weebly site

If you are wanting to add more than one booking button to your website, follow these next instructions. Otherwise, skip to the single button instructions below:

  1. Log into your Weebly account and click the Edit site button.

2. Head to the Settings tab and choose SEO from the options: 

3. Scroll down to the Header code field and paste the first line of the Yocale code here:

4. Click Save in the bottom right corner to update.

5. Head to the Build tab and go to the page you would like to add the button to.
6. In the Elements section in the left-hand sidebar, find the Embed code tool.
7. Drag this to the required page of your website.

8. Click the "Click to set custom HTML" message on your new page widget and paste in your Yocale code:

  1. Click Publish to see it in action on your site!
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