Feeling like you need a break in your day? Follow these easy steps to set up either a one-time or recurring break, your choice!

From the Business Calendar follow the steps below:

  1. Click anywhere on your calendar and chose "New Time Off"  

2. You can enter the details of the Block off Time on this page or click on "More Options" to enter additional information. Be sure to add the date the sequence of breaks will begin, as well as the Start & End Time of the break.

The other way to get to the Block Time-Off screen is to click on the "+" button on the top right of the calendar

Then select "Add Time Off"

From here you can add more advanced time off requirements such as recurring time off

3. Now you can select the Occurrences. This means you can allow this particular break to occur once, daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also customize how often it will occur. For example, you might select every 2 days. The last step is to chose how long you would like this break to be active. 

(Don't forget to save!)

That's it - your break is now set and will appear on your calendar. 

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