Want to add products to your Yocale Business Account? Follow these easy steps to add, edit and manage products. Tip: If you know anything about adding services this will be a piece of cake!

  1. To get to your products select the email drop down menu, then select Manage, Services/Products

2. Select the Products tab.

3. Select +Add Product.

4. Add the Product Name

5. Enter the Price you will sell your product for. 

6. Enter your Cost to buy this product. This information will be invisible to your clients and will be used for reporting purposes.

7. Enter the Quantity of the product you have in stock. 

8. Enter your preferred Reorder Quantity. This is the quantity in which you would like to be reminded to oder more. 

9. Click Save to add this product to your business. 

10. Your Product will show up here and be available to be added to a closed appointment.

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