By default, the taxes you enable in your settings will apply to all services & products that you charge within your business. To modify the taxes to your services or products follow these steps:

Taxes on Services or Products

  • Click on the appointment and select the Mark As Done or select the POS option

  • Click the "Done" option at the top left portion of the screen

  • If you have your Taxes added already they will automatically be applied to the service

  • If you wish to not charge certain taxes for certain services you can de-select those taxes to be applied.

  • If you like to add a TIP, you can add this later in the POS workflow

Select the Edit icon for the line item service or product you'd like to edit the taxes for:

  • You can then enable or disable the taxes you'd like to charge for this product

  • You can review to see the total amount and the charge of the taxes and tips before you mark the appointment as completed. 

When finished editing the applicable taxes > Select the Pay option to proceed with capturing the payment for this service or product

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