1. From your email pulldown menu, select Services/Products.
  2. Select the Service you would like to request deposits for. 

3. Select Pre Payment/Authorization required.

4. Select the Payment Method (this is the account that will receive payment)

5. Select the specific requirements. You have the option to choose the following:

  • Pre-Authorization - This option only charges in the case of a no-show. You can choose to charge a percentage of the service total, or a specific dollar amount.
  • Payment Before Booking Optional - Your clients have the choice to pay for their service beforehand. This is for their convenience. 
  • Payment Before Booking Required -  This option requires your clients to pay a portion, or the full amount of the service at the time of booking. Just like the Pre-Authorization option, you choose this (either a percentage or dollar amount). 

Don't forget to Save your changes!

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