Yocale automatically sends out appointment booking notifications as well as appointment reminders to your clients to help reduce appointment no-shows by as much as 80%!

Email Alerts

  • When a booking is completed by the client online, an email is automatically sent out to both the staff member, business notifying them of the booking as well as a confirmation to the client confirming the appointment.
  • If the appointment is booked on the calendar by the provider or business, the client will receive a confirmation of that booking

SMS Alerts

If the client has an enabled mobile cell phone number on their client record, a text message alert will also be sent to the client notifying them of the booking confirmation as well as an appointment reminder.

Staff will also receive SMS notifications if the client completes the booking online.

*FYI - SMS alerts are part of Yocale's Grow, Pro & Ultimate plans

Adding Custom Messaging

In the settings page you can add your own custom messaging, additional information or links to additional resources.

To add custom messaging > Select email drop down > Settings > Business > Booking

Once in the booking settings for the business, you can add in your custom messaging in the proper text fields.

Custom Messaging Intervals & Email Sender

To make further client messaging changes you can follow the layout below:

  1. As a business or provider, do you want to be notified by email, SMS or both when receiving online bookings
  2. Select the timeframe you want to send an email reminder to your clients (default 24 hours)
  3. Select the timeframe you want to send out SMS reminders to your clients (default 24 hours)
  4. Select the email label you want to appear on your email communications to clients (default (noreply@Yocale.com)
  5. If select custom - select the label of the sender email
  6. If select custom - select the reply email that the clients will reply back to

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