The initial business management pieces of your account are setup during the on-boarding setup wizard where you can input your business location, services, staff & hours.

We'll go through some more ways to handle your business management setup so you can have your business running the way you like.


Add a Location

To add a location navigate to the business drop down > Manage > Profile

Select +Add Location

Enter in the location information and select Save

The newly added location will now appear amongst your other locations.

Toggle Locations on calendar

Select the options/filters option button and navigate to Filters > you can now toggle through to this new location as part of your business calendar.

Removing a location

In the same location management area > Select the location you'd like to remove > Delete


Add a Service

To add a service navigate to the business drop down > Manage > Services

Adding service details:

  1. Service Name - This name will display internally on the calendar as well as publicly to your customers on your online booking widget
  2. Price - This price will automatically attached to the POS and reporting and will be displayed publicly (unless hidden)
  3. Duration - Amount of time this service takes to perform with the client
  4. Transition Time - AKA, buffer time, clean up time etc. - this is the amount of time added at the end of a service to transition from one appointment to the next. **FYI - your online booking schedule will take into account both the service duration and the transition time. (ex. 30 minute service + 15 minute transition time = 45 minutes total service time)
  5. Description - A brief description can be shown to the customer when selecting a service.
  6. Color - Select the color of this service which will display on your calendar
  7. Hide this service - If enabled, this service will not be shown publicly on the booking widget, only internally available for the business to book
  8. Scheduled Class - If this a class rather than a service, select this option to add in some class specific paramaters
  9. Locations offered - Which locations offer this service? Toggle the locations which you want this service to be booked at.
  10. Save - This service will now be added to your available services

Removing a Service

To remove a service select Edit > Delete


To add staff make your way to the People page > email drop down menu > Manage > People

Add a bookable staff

A bookable staff in Yocale is referred to as a service Provider, someone who has a calendar, online availability and bookable for services.

To add a provider, in the People's page > + Add Provider

Add some basic information about the staff member > Invite

  • If it's a new staff member to Yocale, you can then complete their staff profile information, images, bio's etc.
  • If it's an existing staff member in Yocale, the staff member will be sent an invite to accept their staff profile being added to this business.

Add a reception staff

A reception staff in Yocale is called an Administrator account. Administrators can book appointments, set schedules but cannot change things business level things like services, prices, settings or reports.

To add an administrator on the Peoples page > +Add Administrator

Enter in some basic administrator details > Invite

Remove a staff

In the peoples page > Select the Remove button of the staff member you would like to remove.

** FYI - in order to remove a provider, you must do the following:

  • Remove the schedule of the provider you are trying to remove
  • Cancel / delete or re-assign to another provider the existing appointments that this provider has on their calendar


Resources are items that can be attached or associated to a service in which the service requires them, and if the resource limit is reached for that time slot, the service will no longer be bookable for that time.

Resources include things such as:

  • Equipment or machines
  • Rooms or areas
  • Other staff who aren't immediately bookable

Add a Category or resource

On the top right hand side select the Category button > Add New Category

Give the new Category a name > select Save

Manage Categories

Select the Category > Manage categories

Here you can either re-name the existing categories or remove the existing categories as well > when finished, select Save

Add a new Resource

On the top right hand side > select Add New Resource

Complete the necessary information, most importantly being the name of the resource.

Once created, you can now associate this resource to the services the business offers and also the number of resources in your location(s)

In the Edit section for the resource you've added > select Manage Inventory

Once in the inventory area you can start adding in the number of resources you have in your business location(s)

  1. Select the drop down arrow to open up the inventory area
  2. Select Add New Resource Item - (this will add in a new resource line item below as seen in the image above)
  3. The name that will appear internally as the resource name
  4. Select the Edit button if you'd like to change the name of the resource
  5. If you'd like to delete the service, select the trash can icon

Associating Resources

Now that you have created the resource and set the number of resources within your business, now you can determine which resources you'll need for which services

Within the Resources area > select the resource > select Associated services

In the Associated Services area you can select the services you want to be associated with this resource

  1. Use the search bar to search amongst your listed services to add the resource to
  2. Use the All Services or select individual services you want the resource to be associated to
  3. Select the quantity of resource(s) that should be associated to that service
  4. When finished select Save

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