Now that you have setup your schedule, you are now live to take client bookings online!

There are many options within Yocale's online booking widget that you can use to refine how you want the booking process to be for your clients.

Accessing the Widget Settings Page

There are 2 ways to get to get to the widget settings:

Select the Booking Page button at the top menu > Widget settings Link button

Option #2 - Business Tools

Select the Tools > Business Tools > Widget Settings

Widget Settings & Website Installation

We have more in depth articles around all the widget settings and installing your booking widget on your website. For now we are just on a Tour :)

Viewing Your Booking Widget

Select the Booking Page button on the top menu

This will take you to the booking page directory where you can either view or use your direct booking page URL for either the business (outlined in RED, or the individual staff booking page links in Blue).

Client Widget Booking Flow

  • When client land on your booking widget, they can select either the location(s), service(s) or staff they'd like to book > This will bring up the selected availability to book.
  • Once the time and staff member has been selected, the client will proceed to login
  • If the client has an account, they can login with their Yocale account, Gmail, or Facebook, or register for a new account with a couple pieces of information as shown below:
  • Once logged in, the client can review their booking details, complete any forms that are associated or add additional comments to the booking > Selecting Complete Booking confirms this appointment.
  • Lastly, the client will be taken to a confirmation of the booking details, they can get directions to your location, add it to their calendar, print the appointment details, call your business or share these details.
  • The client will also receive these booking confirmation and details via email, SMS or both depending on the information they've entered.

This is the Yocale Booking widget at a Glance!

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