The main benefit of having an embedded booking profile on your website is the convenience it provides to your clients; Less clicks to navigate could mean more bookings for your business.

Once a customer lands on your business website, they can directly book services using the embedded Widget without the fuss of clicking on additional buttons.

Convenience and the "one-click' type of approach translates to more bookings for your business.

The widget is fully customizable and you can personalize settings and aesthetics of the widget to reconcile with your website. If your website is black and blue colour-coded, you can alter the widget to match it.

If you wish to embed your booking profile to your website:

  1. Customize your booking widget look and style. Make it your own in the widget setting page.

  2. Under "Widget Look and Style Customization" set Widget View to "Inline Widget"

  3. Copy the snippet code in the bottom of the widget settings page.

4. Lastly, paste the script into your website. If you would like to see an example, open this link.

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